Women and the Priesthood 3: Fire in the Galley

Any community is something like a ship. It's got a bridge for setting the course and keeping order, an engine room for keeping the ship in motion, and a galley for keeping everybody fed. Nowadays we expect to see males and females at all three stations. It's the age of equality and if an opportunity is reserved for one gender and denied to the other, a lot of us get upset.

Women and the Priesthood 2: Reading by the Light of the Times

Close to the turn of the century, three or four years after arriving in Taiwan, I sat down with a bishop's counselor for a temple recommend interview.

Women and the Priesthood 1: Why and Why Not

When I was a bishop's counselor, I took pains to give women and girls equal opportunities with men and boys to preach and lead in the congregation at large. When it was my turn to plan and make assignments for sacrament meetings, I studiously alternated men and women (and young men and young women) as 15- and 20-minute speakers.

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